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It's no secret. Maine camps have long been considered the gold standard of summer camps. So it's no wonder that a whole host of accomplished and highly respected people (Government officials, Business leaders, Pulitzer Prize winners, Athletes, Entertainers, and more) have either sent their kids to Maine camps, or attended one themselves. These notable and varied icons acknowledge and appreciate the incredible, everlasting impact that Maine camps have had on both their formative years, and their lives. But don't take our word for it — here are some thoughts about Maine camps from some of our most esteemed alums:

Patrick Dempsey, Actor | Camp Wekeela

I have very great and vivid memories [of camp]. This time of my life was very formative, and I grew in so many areas while I was at camp. I really enjoyed the limitless possibilities that Camp Weekela had to offer. This is where I first started performing and learning skills that helped me get to where I am today. My mind takes me back [there] quite often."

G Hannelius, Actress, Singer-Songwriter | Camp Kippewa

I was a camper [in Maine] for three years, but I have memories from camp that will last a lifetime. I learned so many new skills from archery, to waterskiing, to pottery. I learned disciplinary skills and life responsibilities such as cleaning up after myself, waking up early, and setting the table for meals. I had amazing teachers and counselors who taught me, guided me, and made me laugh and smile. Everyone at [camp] supported each other and it was always a place of love and kindness. I also made friendships with the greatest girls who made me so happy and made my time at camp so incredible. The teachers, staff, and my camp friends really helped make me into the person I am today and I am so grateful I was able to spend my time there. I will never forget the summers that I spent at Camp Kippewa. They were some of the greatest years of my life."

Brian Auld, President, Tampa Bay Rays | Camp Agawam

Growing up, my family moved around every few years. However, every summer I was in Maine. I grew up at camp in so many ways, whether it was learning to appreciate my place in nature or discovering how to treat other people. Not only do I owe many of my longest and deepest friendships to Camp Agawam, but I also owe so much of who I am today to the summers spent on the shores of Crescent Lake. I don't believe there is a better experience for a child than spending a summer in Maine; nothing else even comes close."

Evan Farmer, Actor, TV Host | Birch Rock Camp

I was recently camping with my 2 young boys at a state park complete with tent platforms, bathrooms, showers, and even an electric outlet. My first thought was how different an experience this was, compared to the many canoe and hiking trips I was able to experience at Birch Rock Camp. Most memorable was a 10-day canoe trip down the Wild River (which earned its name honestly). With two highly experienced, adult counselors, 5 boys age 13, we canoed over 30 miles, made camp in completely wild terrain, portaged around waterfalls, cleaned our tins in the river, and did all of this this without cellphones, GPS, any possible contact with the outside world, or any luxury we take for granted today. It gave me a sense of independence, ability, and pride early on, that translated into a life that I'm certain I would not have been fortunate enough or adventurous enough to explore without those formative experiences. My boys will certainly experience the same."

Here are some more of the many notable alumni who proudly call a Maine camp their alma mater:

  • Claire Danes, actress
  • Lena Dunham, actress
  • DuPont family members
  • Daisy Egan, actress
  • Ben Feldman, actor
  • Willie Garson, actor
  • Josh Groban, musician
  • David Kearns, former CEO of Xerox
  • Kennedy family members
  • Armory Lovins, physicist/scientist/writer
  • Peter Orszag, economist
  • Steven Pearlstein, business and economics columnist
  • Rockefeller family members
  • Eli Roth, actor/animator/director/producer/screenwriter
  • Catherine Steiner-Adair, child psychologist/author
  • Stephen Sondheim, musician
  • Andrew Sorkin, journalist
  • Ben Stiller, actor/comedian/director/producer/writer
  • Daniel Williams, former state senator
  • Ethan Zohn, athlete/"Survivor"winner
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