Camp Mataponi
Founded in 1910 as a traditional girl’s overnight camp, Camp Mataponi is proud to have recently celebrated 100 years in camping. Located on beautiful Sebago Lake, Mataponi is home to over 300 girls each summer. We offer a full range of programming highlighting water sports, land sports, adventure/ropes course, performing and fine arts and more. Each camper’s schedule is designed to introduce core activities as well as offer an opportunity to select electives based on individual interests. Most importantly, Mataponi offers campers a chance to grow in a nurturing, non-pressure atmosphere accenting fun, friendship and the life skills in group living.
Summer Address
838 Sebago Road
Naples, ME 04055
Winter Address
PO Box 1882
Jupiter, FL 33468
Camp Reviews — Memories from Real Camp Families
Read these stories from our camp community and add yours:
Maddie said... Tweet Share
I wouldn't be who I am today without Mataponi. Aside from learning how to be better at soccer or photography, I learned how to be a good, caring and compassionate friend to others. The fondest memories of my childhood are those summers where my best friends and I would just sit on the hill, look out at the lake and realize how truly lucky we are to call this place our home.
Debbie said... Tweet Share
I was a camp counselor there in 1969...had a handful of young girls in my cabin that I absolutely learned to love. I will never forgot that summer. One of the other counselors was Argie.
Harley said... Tweet Share
It was my fifth summer this past year at camp. I return to camp every summer because of the amazing girls and kind counselors. The memories you make at camp are sure to last you forever. Camp is the place I can be my true self while having the best time with my best friends. The second camp ends, I count down the seconds until I can return next summer. The people at camp are the kindest and friendliest ever and looking back, I cannot believe that I survived without my 43 sisters in my division. Camp is the most amazing place in the world and I love it so much.
Ilana said... Tweet Share
On the first day of my last summer as a camper at Mataponi, I was late. My flight had been delayed several hours from Florida, and I felt sick with anticipation. The most important part of the summer would be walking down the hill with all of my bunkmates to the first dinner line up, outfitted in our Senior sweats that we had designed months prior. By the time I got to camp, line up had already begun. I could see all my bunkmates sitting around the flagpole, all dressed in their sweats. An already nervous, awkward fifteen-year-old, I burst into tears, knowing I had missed that one moment I imagined for 7 years. I dejectedly made my way toward the flagpole, when-- in an instant, I was swept into a hurricane of polyester and fleece. Of course, it was all 33 of my bunkmates, who upon seeing me, jumped up and tackled me to the ground in front of the entire camp. That's exactly what it feels like to be at Mataponi. Whether it's literally or figuratively, when you arrive at camp, you're instantly enveloped in happiness, overwhelmed by friendship, and inundated with a sense of pure, unadulterated wonder. It's all part of the magic of camp. As a kid, I used to spend ten months out of my years consistently conforming, trying to find where I fit among my peers. Mataponi taught me that if I am where I belong, I don’t have to try to fit. I just will.
Chloe said... Tweet Share
camp mataponi has made me who i am today and i love camp so much! the friends I've made here are unbelievable and i am so lucky to call them my best friends! i look forward to camp every summer and there is no place id rather be! peace love mataponi!!!!
Chelsea said... Tweet Share
Days like these where I’m stuck inside, cold, and miserable, I can’t help but think about the beautiful summer days I’ve spent in Maine. I hate the fall. I don’t drink pumpkin spice lattes, turtlenecks look awkward on me, and I hate the smell of orange yankee candles. I’d rather be drinking water from the natural spring, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and smelling freshly cut grass. On an ominous day like today, I daydream about hot summer days and the mid afternoon breeze that comes off the lake. After spending 12 summers in Maine, I’ve got the “mid afternoon breeze” down to a science. It’s around 4th period, roughly 4 o’clock, where the breeze captures the sweat down your check and underneath your hair. My friends and I love it. And the best way to enjoy the breeze is by sitting on one of camps many adirondack chairs. (Although made of wood, they are the most confortable chairs). Then I like to laugh with a friend and remark, “oh what a great sailing day it is” even though it’s at the lakes choppiest time. On a rainy day like today, I’d rather be at camp in Maine.
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