Camp Modin
Situated in the pristine wilderness of Maine’s beautiful Belgrade Lakes region and currently celebrating our 95th season, Camp Modin is the oldest Jewish camp in New England. Located on a private, unspoiled lake, our 375 campers enjoy a community-oriented environment in which they can learn, grow and develop lifelong friendships, all in a Jewish cultural environment. Camp Modin employs 175 professional teachers, mentors and counselors, all dedicated towards making a difference in the lives of children. The Modin program offers professional instruction in over 60 athletic, waterfront, creative arts and pioneering activities. Extensive facilities and programs include: Lighted tennis and basketball courts, street hockey, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, professional theater, 13,000 square foot recreation center, dance studio, fitness pavilion and gymnastic center, dance studio, two craft studios, photography lab, media center, archery & riflery ranges, nature center, high ropes course and climbing tower, radio station, state-of-the art waterfront, including 90 canoes, sailboats, kayaks, windsurfers and four tournament water-ski boats. Extensive wilderness expeditions and teen programs are available, including white-water rafting and cycling trips, excursions to Montreal as well as throughout New England. ACA accredited and strictly kosher.
Summer Address
51 Modin Way
Belgrade, ME 04917
Winter Address
401 E. 80th St. Suite 28EF
New York, NY 10075
Camp Reviews — Memories from Real Camp Families
Read these stories from our camp community and add yours:
Bev said... Tweet Share
My boys have spent 3 BRILLIANT summers at Camp Modin and they absolutely LOVE it! - This year my 10 year old is "camp-sick", infact, the minute he came home the countdown for the next camp began! Camp Modin has so much to offer, my kids named a few (and I've added): beautiful, tranquil surroundings, state-of-the-art equipment, great friends/life-long friendships, time to chill, lots of sports, fun activities, the best counselors, art stuff, field trips, color war, wilderness trips, performances, parties, an impressive waterfront, tight security, time to feel connected to their Jewish heritage, a supportive environment to grow, experiment & explore, just to name a few... Special thanks to camp directors, Lisa & Howie Salzberg and their incredible team for creating such an extraordinary camp/summer home for these lucky kids!
Jennifer said... Tweet Share
My oldest son signed up for ½ a summer 2 years ago. On our first call, he asked to stay for the whole summer, which of course we agreed to. On visiting day, his younger brother asked, "Can I stay too?" The following summer, both boys stayed the entire summer! Camp Modin was the best camp experience for both of them.
Lauri said... Tweet Share
Transformation and Thank You-- those are some of the words that come to mind as I write to you about Julia and Hayden's Apprentice Summer. There is something about Modin that is truly unique, we felt it when we visited 13 years ago and we feel it every time we visit camp or when our children returned each summer. You are brilliant for continuing the camping experience into the summer leading into the junior year of high school. And the Apprentice program is special, with it's combination of traditions, responsibilities, and privileges, making this culminating year as a camper such an extraordinary life moment. All four of my kids have been transformed by Modin and in particular by their Ape Summer. For Julia and Hayden camp is a place they are free to really be themselves. The relationships with their friends, who they have grown up with, are like sibling relationships, real, intense, honest, and so much fun. Every summer you ask the kids in your questionnaire, " what would you like to learn or try this summer?" I think since they have been teenagers, they have not answered that question at all. What they don't see, but we do, through pictures and stories is Julia trying every sport during Mo and Din (something she would never do at home), Hayden singing on stage, dressed in a bunny suit or painted for July 4th wearing a tutu (I can guarantee neither would happen at home). You see, Modin is the place to step out and step up, to fit in and to stand out. When Julia and Hayden came home this summer, they were peaceful, confident, fulfilled. Yes, it's their friends, yes, it's being away, but it also is the way you run your camp. The programming is outstanding in its diversity and inclusion. The Jewish elements draw the children together and lock in their identity as Jews for a lifetime. The safety and strictness that is such a priority to you, and drives the kids crazy, is another important element that makes Modin special. Parents demand it, and kids need it. Your staff is the best of the best. My kids talk about their counselors almost as much as they do their friends. David and I are grateful for all of the wonderful years that Anna, Ethan, Julia and Hayden spent at Modin. Thank you for for giving our children such a spectacular place and time for transformation. Love to all, Lauri
Dawn said... Tweet Share
As this incredible experience comes to a close with our very own APE 2014, we know he will be coming home with a heavy heart and soul. Love, support, calm, patience and understanding will be offered with the knowledge that nothing we do or say right now will bring much of a smile. It's that final confirmation that Modin was undoubtedly the right choice a decade ago. There is nothing we could have provided each summer to compete with all that Modin added to his life. These intangible and tangible experiences and friendships went from formative to indelible. Thank you for helping us raise our son better than we could have done alone.
Hope said... Tweet Share
Bobby is home safe and sound. We can see that Bobby had a wonderful summer at Modin. His tears and intense good bye hugs to friends and Counselors said it all. He was singing Jewish songs on the way home. And he said he got better at basketball and soccer (though he did say he wishes there was even more sports at camp). He seems filled up in a way I can't describe in words. But, I'm sure you guys know what I mean since you are the masterminds behind Modin. There is a spirit, a warmth, a sense of Jewish identity, a sense of kindness that I feel throughout the entire Modin community. Thank you for taking such good care of Bobby this summer.
Dan said... Tweet Share
I'm so grateful for the opportunity I was given this summer to work at Modin. Not only did I enjoy the connection I made with my fellow counsellors, I feel like I've learnt new skills for my career in teaching. The time spent with the kids and the relationships we formed is something I will never forget. Once again, thank you for the time I got to spend at Modin this summer. It exceeded all my expectations and I couldn't imagine having done it anywhere else.
“I greatly enjoyed speaking with Laurie (Guide at Maine Camp Experience). Thanks to her guidance, ideas and suggestions we truly feel that our ultimate choice is the right one for us. We can trust that our seven year old daughter will have a wonderful summer!”




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