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We consistently hear from our campers, alumnae and parents that Vega girls have the best summers of their lives. After nearly 80 years, our campers continue to learn the values of friendship, teamwork, gratitude, kindness and connection. Camp Vega’s activity program is the perfect balance of safety, fun, structure, and choice. These are just two examples of the many reasons why over 98% of Vega girls come back year after year to the shores of beautiful Echo Lake.Explore our website,, to learn more!
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Camp Reviews — Memories from Real Camp Families
Read these stories from our camp community and add yours:
Ruth said... Tweet Share
Summer of 2013 was my last summer. Although thinking about the fact that I did not return last summer and will not return this summer is painful, I would not trade my seven summers at Vega for anything. It is hard to put into words a place that has made me who I am today, where I have created incredible friendships, and a place I still call my home. While I sit here thinking about my fondest memories of this magical land I simply cannot bring any distinctive moment to mind. For me, it wasn't necessarily Olympic breakout or water skiing on the surreal lake, but the nights where we stayed up together in our bunks just talking and having fun or the random walks we went on to "explore" Vega. It is the little moments that really make Vega a special place because these little memories can't simply be created anywhere else. For this I am truly grateful for Vega and everything it has taught me and given me because I have used every single lesson moving forward and have really learned to live in the moment because time does fly by.
Dara said... Tweet Share
This coming summer will be my eighth, and unfortunately my last. While I am devastated to be leaving, I am bringing all the values Vega has taught me and the bonds I have created with these amazing people. I can honestly say that Vega is the most amazing place in the world, and I wouldn't trade any minute of my time there. My mom sent me and my sister there thinking it would be a fun experience for us, and that maybe we would only go for three or four summers. She didn't know what she was getting us into. Vega is this surreal place that I have grown up in. The life lessons that it has taught me are ones that I will carry through the rest of my life. Honestly, words cannot describe my love and appreciation for Vega. It's my home. One particular memory does not stand out to me- it's all the memories that make the summers there unforgettable. My first marathon could be my favorite memory. Marathon is the most amazing day, for the three oldest age groups to bond and express their love for Vega.
Lisa said... Tweet Share
Our daughter has been attending Camp Vega for the past five years. We love that our NYC girl has had the wonderful opportunity to spend her summers in the beautiful and serene surrounding of Maine. Vega is her second home where she has met true friends whom have become her sisters. It doesn't get any better than Vega and Maine!!
Susan said... Tweet Share
CAMP.IS.EVERYTHING. This is my daughter's mantra. And as it may come as no surprise to my parents and friends (after all, apples don't fall far from trees), I can't say that I ever thought I'd have a daughter who would be as passionate about her summer camp experience as I was, and continue to be. Attending Vega in the 70s and 80s WAS everything: It was the only place I ever felt 100% confident. I was inspired and empowered by staff, I was led and followed by friends (who, nearly 35 years later, are my closest confidents), and I was exposed to the awesomeness of the state of Maine. My best memory? There is no best memory. (Though, a few things stand out...truly learning to appreciate and embrace the great outdoors while climbing Mt. Katahdin every year as a senior camper; being voted Olympic captain; getting my first kiss at a social... ) Camp life taught me the obvious, like how to "get along with others", how to make hospital corners; but it also taught me about myself. It was the first place that gave me life lessons. It was the first place that taught me to Lean In, starting me on the path to personal development and exploration. Today, camp traditions are as important as they were since the beginning of time. My daughter and I bond over our shared (AND different) camp experiences. So much of the physical plant has changed, yet so much remains the same: the smells, the instant feeling of being "at home" when you pass through the gate, the warm smiles from staff, the cold lake! CAMP.IS.EVERYTHING.
Samantha said... Tweet Share
Seeing a smile on her face in every camp photo!!!
Gabi said... Tweet Share
When I first went to camp to camp I was a little scared, but then i meet the BEST people on earth. I count down the days until I go back to the best place on earth. Being away at camp has helped me grow up and become more independent. I learn to solve problems on my own and work out differences with my friends. I think this makes us so much closer. Also, the counselors encourage me to try new things like water skiing. Now I can't wait to get back to camp and go water skiing. It is so great to be with my "other" family...I love my camp and Kyle, Emily and Linda make it feel like my second home!
“I greatly enjoyed speaking with Laurie (Guide at Maine Camp Experience). Thanks to her guidance, ideas and suggestions we truly feel that our ultimate choice is the right one for us. We can trust that our seven year old daughter will have a wonderful summer!”




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