Camp Wildwood
Since 1953, Wildwood has flourished as a family-owned and operated summer camp for boys on the secluded shores of Woods Pond in Bridgton, Maine. Our mission is to create a fun, active, educational, and safe environment for campers to maximize their social, emotional, and personal development. We strive to promote social balance, diversity and positive growth within the Camp Wildwood community.

At Camp Wildwood, we pride ourselves on helping campers learn to make choices. Our schedule is designed to allow campers to mix and match from three different types of activities on a daily basis: traditional team sports, individual sports, and creative activities. Lifelong sports, tennis, and swimming, show up on the schedule every day to round out each child’s daily routine. Our goal is to enrich the lives of campers through these positive relationships and activities. The owners actively manage the daily operations of camp and carefully invest in their staff, program, and facilities in order to provide campers with the best summers of their childhood and beyond.
Summer Address
318 Wildwood Road
Bridgton, ME 04009
Winter Address
318 Wildwood Road
Bridgton, ME 04009
Camp Reviews — Memories from Real Camp Families
Read these stories from our camp community and add yours:
Steph said... Tweet Share
I think Justin would say his favorite part of camp was using the beautiful fields at wildwood.. He loved playing baseball on the field of dreams. Can't wait to go back!
Stacey said... Tweet Share
This is our sons first summer @ Wildwood and each day for him is sheer joy. He loves all the activities, his fellow campers and the counselors. Wildwood is such a tight knit community that our young son has friends not only his own age but many years older. He loves the non- stop action on the ball fields and at the waterfront and is getting terrific instruction combined with endless fun. We are so thankful to Mark & Lisa and Peter & Esther for taking care of our son and treating him like he is one of their own. We feel very lucky to have found Wildwood. It is a truly special place. Our son told us on visiting day he wants to be a lifer!!
Kevin said... Tweet Share
Hey people, Kevin here. Really wanted to share my beautiful memories in Camp Wildwood to everyone who's reading this. You really, really have no idea how much this camp meant to me. The boys here are really well-disciplined, unlike the boys at my school. Though I picked a fight with a guy called James when I first arrive, but through some team-works, we finally managed to become best friends. I came from Hong Kong and I'll be visiting James in New York soon, as he lives there. Really, if you haven't already attended this camp, you must!! Trust me, you're not gonna regret it.
Julius said... Tweet Share
Man, I can't believe it! The camp is over and I really miss everyone there. It was a really incredible camp. It all started when my parents sent Murphy and I there, to develop some sort of leadership skills and teamwork, that kind of stuff. I didn't want to come during that time because I thought camps are rubbish. Now I know the truth. It was so DAMN fun and exciting. I got to meet some new friends. Murphy and I really did not regret this. And we certainly didn't regret meeting Tim, Connor, Darren, Sean, William, Jeffrey, Zac and Kent. We'll come again.
Debbie And Stephen said... Tweet Share
It is hard for us to believe that 9 summers ago we flew to Maine to look at overnight camps for our 7 year old at the time. We shlepped William around from camp to camp for 2 days, learned to eat lobster rolls, and let him drink his first soda to stay awake after visiting the 4th camp. He was such a trooper that after our last camp, which was Wildwood, we treated him to a game of putt putt and he had the energy to play!!! Plus he will forever remember playing hoops with Mark on the small basketball court. We will always remember our first visiting day when William first saw Michael and Bradley. He hugged them so tight and said "I miss you guys." They played basketball on the small courts and I sat on the bleachers and sobbed for what a sensitive, independent and kind friend he was becoming. It was painful for him to say goodbye to all of us after our first magical visiting day. He sobbed so hard that Benjie had to pull him away from our arms. He picked him up and gave me the thumbs up that all would be fine. Just that thought still brings tears to my eyes. Well eight summers later and younger brothers, Michael and Bradley to follow, it is sad for our William to be graduating as a camper from his summer home, your Camp WIldwood. Each visiting day for the last 8 years we have taken a photo of the boys making a pyramid at the walk up to the lodge. The photos have been in both William and Michael's Bar mitzvah montage. The first photo was taken when Bradley was just 3 years old. They hang in the house in the hall into the kids rooms. You have helped shape William into a caring, kind, competitive, good friend and fantastic kid. We know that his life at Camp Wildwood has left an indelible mark on him forever. He has made life long friends in Brian, Noah, Noah, Owen, Spencer, and of course Teddy. Teddy has been a role model for Will and a real friend. Each counselor that William had (other than the one who shaved his head when he was 9) were responsible, honest, good boys who cared for him and respected the camp. Michael and Bradley have definitely had the same positive experience. However you don't have to say farewell to them on Friday, just "see you next summer."
Meg & David said... Tweet Share
Again, I want to thank you for taking such good care of Henry this past summer - I didn't think it possible but he seems to have had an even better summer and was very sad to leave. Jack could not be more excited to come - he even told me when he got home today that I would need to put "little laz" on the back of his camping chair so it wouldn't get confused. The four of you are very special people and we are just excited to be in the fold. As you continue your recruiting season, please let me know if there is anyone you want me to reach out to, or use our home to meet people, etc...we would be thrilled to help out.
“I greatly enjoyed speaking with Laurie (Guide at Maine Camp Experience). Thanks to her guidance, ideas and suggestions we truly feel that our ultimate choice is the right one for us. We can trust that our seven year old daughter will have a wonderful summer!”




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