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Robby said... Tweet Share
I cried watching my son leave for camp. Even though I knew it would be a wonderful experience for him, it was still difficult as a parent. He went away for 4 weeks and called asking if he could stay all summer! I cried again, but I let him knowing all the wonderful things he was getting to do and how he would grow and mature as a person.
Cathy said... Tweet Share
Being chosen as a candle holder for the bunk because of character and behavior.
David said... Tweet Share
the summer of 2011 was my final year of 7, and i can honestly say that there is no better experience than a summer at Camp Cedar. Cedar goes beyond where other sports camps go, and make it a home. No other sports camps i know of have so many ex-campers return as counselors. Growing up around so many incredible people from all over the world has left a greater impact on my life than anything. i'm most grateful that i was able to meet 39 kids who i would have never known, and live with them for 7 weeks a year. they become a part of your family. I know that it has only now been about 3 months (it is november, 2011) since i have returned from my final year, but not a day goes by where i don't miss it. I'm counting down the days until i can return as a counselor. my greatest memories from my years are not the multiple tournaments that we won, or the color wars, but rather the little things. the talks, laughs, jokes. all of them build you into an individual
Alex said... Tweet Share
I spent 18 summers at Camp Cedar. Seven of those years were as a camper and 11 were as a counselor and head counselor. My memories are of friendships that are still alive and well today. Furthermore, I spent time in one of the most beautiful places in the US. Camp for me was a place where all of my everyday concerns were put on hold and time was well spent learning and teaching. As a counselor and head counselor, trying to teach kids not only how to play sports but to also get along with each other was a daily goal. There was no better feeling than seeing a 9 year old learn how to catch and throw a lacrosse ball or a 15 year old play a winning role for Camp Cedar on the way to winning the 15 year old lacrosse or basketball tournament. More important than winning and losing was watching and playing a role in a Camper's or a bunk's maturation process over the years. There are many "teaching moments" that were afforded to me as a member of Camp Cedar which is why i enjoyed going back year after year. My wife was the camp doctor at Cedar 3/4 years ago for a week. This was a chance to bring my 2 daughters to Cedar and show them how great Cedar is. I look forward to the day the my 2 girls can have the same experiences at a Maine girls camp and when my son can attend Cedar. Hopefully their camps will give to them what Camp Cedar has given and continues to give me.
Adam said... Tweet Share
Going to summer camp in Maine has been a wonderful experience for my family for the past 35 years. I went for 10 years (as both a camper and counselor) and now my son is in his 5th year - all at Camp Cedar in Casco, ME. In fact, many of my friends that I met as a camper, now send their sons to Cedar too. Maine is spectacularly beautiful and calm, providing the perfect back drop to disconnect from the daily schedules of school and work. I think its the hill-surrounded lakes that are the best part. As a kid, I'm sure I didn't appreciate the beauty, but loved playing in Coffee Pond with all of my friends. Visiting as an adult, I can't help but notice the serene beauty - and love that my son is spending his days laughing with his buddies under the towering pine trees. I can't wait for visiting day!
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