Camp Nashoba North
Nashoba North is situated on the east shore of Crescent Lake in the magnificent Sebago Lake region and is the summer home to 190 girls and boys ages 7 to 17. A non-sectarian community that brings together children from across the United States and abroad to experience all that Nashoba North has to offer. We strongly believe children of all ages and abilities can achieve remarkable skill development and self-confidence in our unique structured choice program. Every Sunday morning campers create their personalized schedule for the upcoming week. This allows campers to pursue a wide range of interests during their stay at camp. Nashoba North is well known for highly professional nurturing staff, modern cabins, numerous art studios, outstanding athletic facilities, and well-equipped waterfront for the active water sport enthusiast. Young equestrians of all levels can ride at one of New England’s premier riding programs. The Arts at Nashoba North are endless with inspirational weekly dance recitals, One Act plays, and a host of weekly music bands on stage. For the creative child the art studios include pottery, woodworking, photography and a traditional art complex. Music lessons are offered for singing, drums, guitar and piano. Campers are welcome to bring their musical instruments to camp. Nashoba North campers rave about our wonderful food options that are professionally prepared by non-institutional chefs. Accommodations can be made for most allergies and special diets. Nashoba North campers have 4 or 8 week options and 15 day Discovery session is made available for first time younger campers. Accredited through the American Camp Association, Nashoba North is a traditional camp that is owned and operated by the Seaward family. Nashoba North’s magical site has been inspiring youth and young adults since the 1920’s.
Summer Address
198 Raymond Hill Rd, Crescent Lake
Raymond, ME 04071
Winter Address
140 Nashoba Road
Littleton, MA 01460
Camp Reviews — Memories from Real Camp Families
Read these stories from our camp community and add yours:
Jenna said... Tweet Share
My son was eight years old the first time we dropped him off. He was nervous - but the counselors picked up on it and made him feel right at home. He had an amazing four weeks - tried everything you can imagine - windsurfing, woodshop, tennis, even riding! The letters home raved about life in the cabin and he could not say enough about how much he loved the food. The director was responsive and had wonderful resources for me as a first time parent. He is now heading into his fourth summer - Nashoba is magical.
Silvia said... Tweet Share
My favorite memory is seeing my son enjoying camp and knowing that he is having fun in a safe place. And the last day of Camp, how sad he was to leave and talking about all his experiences for days and days. We are glad he has the opportunity to be part of the Nashoba family.
Brad said... Tweet Share
I first went to Camp Nashoba three years ago and when I first got there I was completely uncertain about the whole sleep away camp thing. But I jumped right into it, I spent the whole summer there . I took the opportunity to learn all kinds of things, the first summer left me wanting to go back for more. My second summer was all I expected it to be and more, I shot for a North star and got to know the lay of the land better, I also became more fond of the water sports offered at camp though I was not good at any of them at the time. My third year at camp was by far the best and most memorable, I stayed the whole summer and so did most of my cabin, in this same summer I decided I wanted to try wakeboarding and got much better as the summer progressed, I also developed more in lacrosse too, overall I think that Nashoba has great staff that helps you reach any goal
Doreen said... Tweet Share
My son had a wonderful experience at Camp Nashoba North. The camp is beautiful, on a lake in Maine. We are from NYC and Camp Nashoba provided our son with the perfect summer, carefree days spent swimming, kayaking, playing volleyball and making new friends. The camp is diverse, our son met kids from all over the world. We love the camp and can't wait for next summer!
Sarah said... Tweet Share
The letter I received from my daughter this summer telling me she had become a vegetarian. She spent so much time at "animal care" at camp with a calf and goats that she came upon this decision herself and has stuck to it ever since.
Linda said... Tweet Share
This was Jackson's first time away from home...EVER! And I can not express enough what I wonderful experience it was, for him and for me. I'm not sure who was more nervous, me or hime, but when we arrived on the first day, the counselors made us feel so taken care of, it made the transition much easier. Of course I still cried like a baby, but at least Jackson took it like a champ. You might of thought I'd won the lottery when I got my first letter! Oh the joy! It was a very brief note that I took a picture of an shared all over Facebook and with anyone who would listen! It simply said, "Mom, just wanted to say I love you and I'm more home sick than I thought. I am also having a awesome time. Love Jackson" I carried that note with me for the rest of the month. Mid-way through the month his camp counselor sent a post card letting us know Jackson was doing very well, winning awards, loving rock climbing & kayaking and that "everyone knows & likes Jackson, literally". Jackson's second and third letters also expressed some home sickness but I couldn't help but notice that almost every picture of him on FB was with some lovely young lady with a huge grin on his face, somehow I don't think he was feeling all that bad! Jackson came home a very different young man, which I think was my favorite part of camp...A few days after coming home, out of the blue one evening, he asked me if he could help me with the dishes!?!? I nearly fell over, it literally took me a minute to figure out how to answer. He emptied the dishwasher and loaded it up! UNBELIEVABLE! Thank you Camp Nashoba North for taking such great care of my little buy and growing him up into a fine young man.
“I greatly enjoyed speaking with Laurie (Guide at Maine Camp Experience). Thanks to her guidance, ideas and suggestions we truly feel that our ultimate choice is the right one for us. We can trust that our seven year old daughter will have a wonderful summer!”




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