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Evan said... Tweet Share
I was recently camping with my 2 young boys, ages 5 and 2, at a state park complete with tent platforms, bathrooms, showers, and even an electric outlet. My first thought was how different an experience this was, compared to the many canoe and hiking trips I was able to experience at Birch Rock Camp. Most memorable was a 10 day canoe trip down the Wild River (which earned it's name honestly). With two highly experienced, adult counselors, 5 boys age 13, canoed over 30 miles, made camp in completely wild terrain, portaged around waterfalls, cleaned our tins in the river, and did all of this this without cellphones, GPS, any possible contact with the outside world, or any luxury we take for granted today. It gave me a sense of independence, ability, and pride early on, that translated into an life that I'm certain I would not have been fortunate enough or adventurous enough to explore without those formative experiences. My boys will certainly experience the same.
Lindsay said... Tweet Share
It's hard to put into words what Birch Rock Camp means to our family, but it is easy to say that it holds a very special place in all of our hearts! My husband and I have three sons, aged 17, 14 and 10, and all three have spent various amounts of time each summer at Birch Rock Camp. Our oldest son started as a camper at age 9 and has never missed a summer. (At age 9, not knowing anyone at BRC, he waved and said "Bye mom!" and never looked back!). Last year he was a CIT, and this year a counselor loving every minute of his summer. He even took a final exam early so he could get to camp as soon as possible. Birch Rock has helped make him the person he is today - balanced, confident, thoughtful, spirited and above all, happy! Our middle son has spent four summers attending BRC for a half session and he can't wait to see the friends he has made over the years. A wonderful experience and opportunity for a kid from a small town. He absolutely loves all of the activities! Seeing his older brothers leave for camp each summer, our youngest son couldn't wait to go to BRC! He will be experiencing his second half session at BRC this summer and he can't wait to get there! As parents, one of our most important goals is to prepare our children to be independent in this world. Birch Rock provides a safe and fun place for our boys to explore and learn away from home. The first time we arrived at Birch Rock Camp and were greeted by the most unbelievable staff of young men, I remember saying to my husband, "This is what we want our boys to grow up to be like!" The campers are friendly, confident, excited, happy, and enjoying what they are doing. What more can a parent ask for! Birch Rock has had the most positive influence on our entire family and I would recommend it to any family of boys! I wish I could go!
Julie said... Tweet Share
What kind of mother would send her child away from the comforts and safety of home for the summer? Surely I would never do that. So when my husband suggested that our boys should have a summer camp experience, as he had as a child, I balked. No way! He insisted. I packed the trunk, but refused to be the one to drive my 8 year old north, drop him off, and wave good-bye. Three and a half weeks later, I couldn't wait to pick up Alex. Upon our arrival to Birch Rock, Alex proudly showed us around camp, introduced us to the new friends he had made, then began the pitch to allow him to stay for the rest of the summer! Fast forward nine years, and my three sons have been spending their summers at BRC for a combined 18 years! This year Alex is a CIT, and Patrick and Trevor are in the "upper camp". Despite being varsity athletes, they have chosen to forgo specialty sports camps. Maybe they don't recognize the value of the simple, clean-living, cooperative environment that Birch Rock provides in the same way that we do as adults. They certainly know that being at BRC - after a year of stressful academics, competitive athletics, and the whirlwind schedule that our family of 6 keeps - is renewing, refreshing, and relaxing. All things that kids these days need. Birch Rock is more than just a camp. It is a place where our values are embraced, where boys are challenged and motivated, and molded into fine young men. It is a place where modern technology and creature comforts take a back seat, in order for nature to come forth in all her glory. It is truly a special place. So I am, after all, the kind of mother that would send her child to camp for the summer.
Joan said... Tweet Share
Seven years ago this week, our 10-year-old son Gabe stepped out of the car at Birch Rock Camp for the first time. He knew no one. But from the first handshake greeting with the Head Counselor before he even unloaded his trunk, Gabe felt at home and we knew he had chosen the right camp. This was proven when during the last week of the session, Gabe called home crying that he didn't want to leave. After that summer, and for every summer since, Gabe has happily unpacked his trunk at Birch Rock, this year returning as a counselor in a bunk of 12-year-olds. This camp has become for him, a community of fellowship and male bonding.... a place where he is at home in the woods... a place I know he dreams about during the 10 months of year when he is not at Birch Rock. He has made life-long friends at this camp, boys and now men who are his support network, his family. As a single child, I know he values these relationships. They ARE his brothers. As parents, we have also watched Gabe thrive on the challenges that this camp has offered. He can build and light a campfire with one match.... survive in the woods... read hiking trails.... and most importantly, teach others these skills. He is proud of these accomplishments and we know that much of the self-confidence he has built over the past seven years comes from his time at Birch Rock. We know that Gabe is the man he is today because of Birch Rock, the camp that values, above all, 'helping the other fellow.'
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