Since our founding women established it in 1919, Camp Tapawingo has been transforming the lives of girls, helping them to grow into compassionate, courageous and confident women both at Tap and beyond.

Whether sitting in the shade of the whispering pines or under the unspoiled starlight of the Maine sky, at Camp Tapawingo each camper can reflect on what she proud of: making a new friend, throwing a cup on the pottery wheel, crossing the wake on the water skis, singing a solo in the play, learning to shoot an arrow. Each day offers a new opportunity for our campers to build upon the previous day in a safe and joyful place, supported by caring adults who are invested in their growth.

Tapawingo offers a wide range of new experiences and unique traditions to draw campers away from the noise, distractions and unproductive expectations of a technology-centered society and toward the deep, enduring friendships formed at Tap. We create an atmosphere of safety and inclusivity that encourages Tap girls to find each other and themselves as they explore new adventures in a beautiful lakeside setting. Our intimate camp community ensures that everyone has a connection and relationship to one another. We cheer each other on, we celebrate our differences, we lift each other up, and we build upon our century-long culture and traditions. We are a FAMILY.

No matter how far away our campers and alumnae travel, Tapawingo is always their summer home. Being a Tap GIrl stays with you for life. This special connection crosses generations of Tapawingo campers through songs, traditions, friendships, and love for their place of joy.
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166 Tapawingo Rd.
Sweden, ME 04040
Winter Address
P.O. Box 135
Fryeburg, ME 04037
Camp Reviews — Memories from Real Camp Families
Read these stories from our camp community:
Katherine said... Tweet Share
I've spent eight of the most transformational summers of my life at Tapawingo and even after all this time, I don’t think it will ever feel like enough. The community here is unparalleled. Yelling out to say “hi” to campers and counselors you spot walking around, spending every last second possible saying goodnight to the younger campers before inevitably being kicked out of the bunk by their counselors, and singing and banging on the tables during meals are examples that only begin to scratch the surface of what a normal day at Tap looks like. I have had the opportunity to connect with girls who have quickly transformed from complete strangers to people I could never even imagine myself living without now. They continually push me to be the best version of myself and are people I can rely on even from hundreds (and in some cases thousands!) of miles away. This past summer I was a CIT and our counselor will organize group FaceTimes where it genuinely feels as if we are all transported back to CIT bunk, sitting on the couches in the spots that became known as ours for the summer. At the end of every seven weeks I am always left in tears saying goodbye to my summer family and I only wish that every girl could experience the magic of Tapawingo.
Julie said... Tweet Share
Tapawingo is truly a place of joy. I spent 9 wonderful and life changing summers there as a child and 2 years as a counselor. I can honestly say that my life is changed for the better because of my years at Tap. To describe the culture at Tap is to imagine the most comforting, caring and warmest hug! The bonds and friendships that I formed over the years are incredible, strong and lasting. Tapawingo prides itself on beautiful traditions including singing, campfires, song meet, team competitions and so much more. Tapawingo is truly a summer home and I feel beyond lucky to have the Tap experience!
Amy said... Tweet Share
How to put the Tapawingo experience into words?! Magical, empowering, fun, just to name a few. As a former camper, counselor and now as a Tap parent, I can honestly say that Tapawingo was the greatest gift my parents gave me and one I am so thankful I can give my daughters! My time at camp is foundational to who I am. Aside from the many life skills I developed, the biggest piece of Tap I carry with me to this day, are my friendships. I cannot imagine my life without the girls, now women, I met when I was nine years old. My oldest daughter attended camp for the first time last year and is counting the days until she can go back! After four weeks, she returned home more mature, confident, self-sufficient and full of so many stories of adventures with her bunkmates and big sister. My hope is that both of my girls not only experience the joys of Tap for years to come, but that they create and build the friendships that will carry them through life too!
Nick said... Tweet Share
Tapawingo is a very special place. Having spent over 13 years of my life there, I can say without hesitation that the nurturing of campers, sense of community, and lifelong friendships are central to the Tap experience. Through its activities, once-in-a-lifetime trips, and wonderful traditions, Tap creates a safe place to push kids outside their comfort zone and build independence and resilience, which is so very necessary in today's world. It has always been a down-to-earth camp where kindness is paramount. Tapawingo is the type of place we need more of.
Norah said... Tweet Share
Each aspect of camp altered me for the better, but three components of Tapawingo impacted me beyond comparison. As a child, I depended on my parents for everything from waking up on time to having simple conversations. I relied on their constant supervision and found myself utterly lost without their guidance. Therefore, when I entered the camp environment, the amount of responsibilities overwhelmed me. I was expected to maintain a tidy area, develop strong eating habits, arrive punctually to my activities, and put myself to bed without assistance. This transition forced me to develop independence and self-sufficiency, crucial skills that I apply each day. Now, when presented with a problem, I attempt to find a solution on my own, instead of searching for help. The trust I now have in my abilities is apparent in every element of my life, and camp not only unlocked this confidence, but taught me to utilize it. At the basis of each camper’s experience is Color War, where every girl spends their summer battling for victory. Since I had never encountered this type of rivalry, I believed that participating in sports would be as unpleasant as plunging into ice-cold water, yet it was more like a warm bath. The team leaders and counselors celebrated my efforts despite my lack of athleticism, and through this, I uncovered my love of competition. This newfound ambitious spirit and determined outlook set me apart from others, yet the true impetus to never cease fighting is my desire to make those around me proud. I spare no efforts in each game; however, I leave everything on the field and walk away with girls on the opposing team, supporting each other despite the outcome. Camp has provided me with an abundance of insight, but the most significant message I have taken away is what family looks like. Without the distractions of money, technology, or school, I chose friends purely because of their personality, allowing me to create life-long bonds. I determined that a real companion appreciates me in all stages of my life and plays a part in my growth. The girls at Tapawingo have remained by my side for over five years and evolved from strangers to sisters. In and outside of camp, I have learned to disregard ethnicity and race, social class and sexuality, and to instead concentrate on the person at heart. Tapawingo, through its traditions and people, helped me transform from a timid little girl into a confident young woman.
Eleanor said... Tweet Share
Is it June yet?? We have two daughters returning to camp this year and they can NOT wait. My oldest (11) daughter is returning to Camp Tap for her third year. Her first year was a bit of a trial run: she was 9 years old and had never been to a sleepaway camp before—we live in Utah and camps like Tap are not the norm. She was nervous. We were nervous! She had a hard time that year but came home with some independence and confidence—she was clear to us that she HATED it despite the friends she made and the fun she had. And despite her interest in returning. Unfortunately, the following year was a no-camp year because of the pandemic. Fortunately, the year off allowed her to become more comfortable in her own skin and she returned to camp in 2021—this time with her sister—and thrived. We called on her birthday in July expecting to hear tears, but we heard, instead, some story about pirates, being ambushed by counselors hiding in the woods, improvisational singing, and victory. She was laughing so hard it was difficult to make out what the heck was happening. We decided she was FINE, not missing us the way we missed her, and then we cried ourselves to sleep. ;) Throughout the summer, her letters home were all about her friends, horses, camp slang we couldn’t understand, and how much she loved camp. We were worried about (and missing) 8 year old, too, but all there is to say about her can be taken from her first letter home to us, which read (in full): “Hi, Mom, I love it here! See you!!” She was no doubt upset to learn she had to write more letters than that—each was shorter and covered in more hearts than the first. Both girls ended 2021 summer camp season devastated to come home. We were so glad to have them back with us, but the experiences with new friendships, sports, drama, canoe races, camping, horseback riding, and firesides returned them to us happier, more confident, more independent, and more helpful. Camp Tapawingo claims to be a family—and it is. The long-time leadership of the camp by Jane Lichtman set a tone of LOVE for the camp, the staff, and each camper. Now run by her nephew and protege, JD, the feeling of love is very much alive. The ongoing presence of a devoted core staff, unbroken traditions, and excitement for each new year keeps Camp Tapawingo feeling like home—and like a bold new frontier. I benefit from knowing the camp (from a distance) for over 30 years because my dad has been a camp doctor there since I was in high school—this long perspective has allowed me to see, through him, the stability, strength, and adaptability of the Camp Tap culture. This year, my daughters will get to go for the full summer. I’m almost as excited as they are—there’s not a better place for them to be.
“I greatly enjoyed speaking with Laurie (Guide at Maine Camp Experience). Thanks to her guidance, ideas and suggestions we truly feel that our ultimate choice is the right one for us. We can trust that our seven year old daughter will have a wonderful summer!”

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