Camp Cobbossee
More than 100 years ago, the first boys came to Cobbossee and found their lives transformed. Sports, adventure and tradition make up Camp Cobbossee’s unique program, and with our outstanding staff and spectacular location, we offer the very best in Maine summer camps. For every boy in either of our identical sessions, Camp Cobbossee is their “home away from home.”

Founded in 1902, Camp Cobbossee is one of the oldest continuously running boys camps in the country. Many of the Camp Cobbossee traditions are carried on today by the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Camp Cobbossee boys from a different century! The three “Nunway Values”: sportsmanship, community, and friendship, are the philosophical center of our program and make this much more than just a “boys sports camp.”

Camp Cobbossee is located in Monmouth, Maine, 15 miles west of the capital, Augusta, and approximately 1 hour north of Portland. 

Cobbossee is competitive, with an emphasis on brotherhood through sports. Our campers benefit from outstanding instruction and skills training. The action never stops whether on the baseball field, in the Cobba-dome, on the tennis courts, behind the ski boats or flying down the zip line. Each session is capped with a titanic color war, where every single skill boys have learned in the previous weeks is put into play. A century of color war records hang in our “hall of heroes,” and each year a new chapter is written.

Our beachfront extends along the breathtaking shoreline of Lake Cobbosseecontee, which is 11 miles long and six miles across. We also have our own private island, Spirit Island, where campers explore.

The countryside surrounding Camp Cobbossee is made up of deep evergreen forests, crystal-clear lakes, craggy mountains and famous national parks… the true Maine experience. Come join the next century of brotherhood at Cobbossee!
Summer Address
PO Box 299
Monmouth, ME 04259
Winter Address
4 New King Street
White Plains, NY 10604
Camp Reviews — Memories from Real Camp Families
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Dr. said... Tweet Share
With the upcoming August 21, 2017 solar eclipse, we at Cobbossee experienced a total solar eclipse on July 20th, 1963. The path of 100% totality passed through Bangor. They herded us into the mess hall and hung blackout shades so that we wouldn't come home with incinerated retinas. But we could peek and see what was going on. Went from brilliant sunlight to midnight black than back to daylight again. Unforgettable.
Jonathan said... Tweet Share
My greatest camp memories revolve around my athletic developments over the 7 years that I attend Camp Cobbossee. Each summer the talented counselors extended my abilities. I vividly remember the first time I threw a curve ball, water-skied barefoot and hit my first bullseye with a bow and arrow. While not my proudest moment, I was on the losing color war team my first six years at camp. Being on the winning team for my seventh and final year at the camp was the perfect ending to a campers career. Looking back on the late nights by the camp fire, gathering wood for the rope burn or playing a late night basketball game under the lights are memories that will never be forgotten. While I will envy them, I'm eagerly looking forward to sending my boys to Cobbossee when they are old enough. Nun way! Jonathan
“I greatly enjoyed speaking with Laurie (Guide at Maine Camp Experience). Thanks to her guidance, ideas and suggestions we truly feel that our ultimate choice is the right one for us. We can trust that our seven year old daughter will have a wonderful summer!”

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